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You started working at EMG less than a year ago, how was it to be a new hire here?
– It felt really great! I have a friend who works here and she had told me about the successes, challenges and development opportunities I could meet here, so I had a good view of the company before i joined. EMG also has a clear agenda of where we are heading as a company, that and the fact that I was so warmly welcomed from everyone i met on my first day made me feel secure that I’d made the right decision to join!

You are working as an Account Manager, what is the best part of working with sales?
– All the new people I meet! A client meeting is really a great way to get to know new people and hear about their life experiences. I find that really intriguing!

What excites you about working at EMG?
– My colleagues! They are incredibly inspiring and give me so much energy everyday. They also make me develop and learn new things everyday. I am surrounded with a bunch of great people!

What idea of EMG do you want others to have?
– Are you looking for a great company culture and the possibility to learn things everyday? This is the place to work!

What does Performance mean to you?
Ever since I was a child I have wanted to win and to perform at my absolute best. But it is just as important to me to feel that I have my colleagues’ trust and that what I do is fun and develops my skills.These are important conditions for me to be able to perform.


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