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Erika Berglund

Communications / Graphic design - studentum.se – Marketing / Communication

Tell me about your journey at EMG so far!
– I was hired as a communications professional focusing on design about a year and a half ago. I was quickly thrown in on a big project to design our student magazine. It was a really fun and intense start but I learned a lot! Since then I have been involved in many projects to take EMG’s visual communication to the next level, and that is something that really drives me!

How did you first become interested in EMG?
– I was in a place where I needed new challenges and was looking for a job within communication. When I saw the ad from EMG I quickly felt that it was exactly what I was looking for.

Did the job meet your expectations?
– Before joining EMG I was working in the journalism industry and switching to a whole new profession was a total shift for me. I went into my new role with the only expectation of having many creative challenges. And that is really something that I have gotten here at EMG.

Describe a day at work!
– No day looks exactly like another, but to summarize they are filled with client contact, creating content for our sites, coordinating and driving graphical projects, designing our print products and assisting our account managers to make sure that we deliver is what the clients are requesting.

What is the best part of your job?
– Definitely developing our visual identity! I also enjoy working on different projects together with driven, competent, and positive colleagues.

What are your biggest challenges?
– To think outside the box, to be creative and always be one step ahead. And also to find time and prioritize to work with different projects that are not a part of my daily tasks.

How would you describe the culture at EMG?
– We have a very open culture where new ideas are encouraged. The relationships between colleagues are very positive and friendly. We listen to each other, collaborate between teams and are always driving to improve things within the company.

Would you recommend others to apply for a job at EMG?
– EMG is great for those looking for a company with a young work atmosphere who foster a creative environment that always moves forward. Are you also looking for an employer that gives you the opportunity to drive your own projects at a place where new things are happening all the time, then EMG is right for you!

What does Professional mean to you?
I would say that professionalism thrives when you are dedicated, have a high work-ethic and always do more than expected. You will need to understand the needs of our clients and our users and always deliver a high standard of results. You should have a sense of good customer service and always have nice response to customers. Professionalism also means being helpful, both towards colleagues and customers.

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