How did you land your job at EMG?
– It’s a bit lucky how I came to find EMG. I was in my final year of my Master’s program at Uppsala University, desperately searching for an internship to fill my Autumn semester. I’d pretty much given up as my Swedish wasn’t great and there weren’t too many international companies looking for interns. I checked my email after class one day and had received an offer to come interview at EMG. Fortuitously, EMG was searching for an intern to help research and break into the North American market and the HR manager at the time had found my profile on LinkedIn. I came up to Stockholm the next day and had a series of interviews, ultimately resulting in an internship and eventually a full time job.

Describe a typical day at work:
– When I arrive at EMG, I make a cup of tea, read and reply to emails, and review my priorities for the day. From that point, nothing remains ‘typical’. As I work within so many areas, my daily structure changes quite a bit. Some days are spent setting up, managing, and monitoring client campaigns, while others are spent working with graphic design, technical developments, and product development. I’m also involved with quite a few projects outside of my own team that are focused on improving internal processes within EMG as a company. Any remaining time I have is usually spent in and out of meetings and workshops.

What is your biggest challenge?
– Time! I’m quite a perfectionist. I rarely, if ever, submit something on my first go. However, when working with clients and creating content to fit visions other than my own, sticking to a tight deadline can pose quite the challenge. I’ve learned to trust in myself and my skills more as a result of this and it’s allowed me to strike a nice balance between my perfectionist tendencies and the faster pace of a busy job.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
– I love that the position I am in allows me to have a creative outlet. I am fortunate enough to handle the graphic design for our international sites, as well as create campaigns and advertisements, all of which allow me to express myself and my ideas. It’s also so lovely to feel a sense of family among my co-workers at EMG. Living so far from home, it’s really comforting to work with a group of expats who can relate and understand the ups and downs of living and working abroad.

What kind of person would fit in at EMG?
– Someone who takes initiative.

Whats the office culture like?
– EMG really embraces ‘Work hard, play hard’. Competitions are a constant in the company, ranging from the usual sales goals to more niched digital marketing competitions. With each win is a reward: Sunny days on a boat in the Stockholm Archipelago, long holiday weekends abroad, and the standard night out to celebrate. Like most places, EMG can be extremely stressful at times, but the light and fun working environment helps to alleviate the stress and maintain positive attitudes.

What does Passion mean to you?
Passion is one of those words that is often interchanged for others, such as affection, excitement, or happiness. For me, however, passion has such a strong and unique meaning to it. When I am passionate about something, I too, feel affection, excitement, and happiness, but it doesn't stop there. When I am passionate about something, I love it even when I hate it. Passion is a force that constantly drives me and something that I refuse to give up on.


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