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Dharsan Uthayakumar

Key Account Manager - Finduddannelse.dk – Account Management

How did you first become interested in EMG?
– My impression of the company when I applied for job - was that it was a young and dynamic company. I saw an opportunity at EMG to be a player who could leave my footprint and to be able to grow together with a company with clear visions and ambitions. Online marketing have always been an area of interest for me. I understood the needs for EMG’s services and solutions. Furthermore, I found the product competitive and valuable for the market.

What surprised you the most when you started working here?
– That it is a rather big company but the culture is still very down-to-earth. I always feel that my ideas are listened to and taken seriously. There is a very short path to a decision-making manager, so you really feel that you have the opportunity to contribute and be heard. Everyone was really open and helpful.

How did you get interested in working with sales?
– Business and numbers have always been areas I’ve found interesting. I also like to speak with people, and I find negotiation really interesting and fun!

What types of people find success at EMG?
– If you work with sales within EMG, I personally think it's important to be structured, proactive, have a positive mindset and be able to adjust your communication to whomever you talk to. You have to be able to juggle many balls at once and you have to exceed what you promise, and follow up on your work. You also have to have a plan with what you do and say to customers - and how to reach expected goals. On top of that, you need to have a positive attitude and be confident - since that affects the people you talk to and the message you deliver.

How has EMG grown and changed in recent years?
– EMG has grown in size expanding to new markets to reach our mission: to help people find the right education. I also think that the company follows development in online marketing - so we can be up-to-date with solutions and prices that match competitive and equivalent products .

What has made you stay at EMG?
– I think that the most important reason is the welcome and introduction I had when I first started. I felt appreciated and got credit for my work but also feedback and training when needed. I really got the feeling that I worked for my own company. I also think that the atmosphere is really positive amongst teams and colleagues.

In your eyes, what makes EMG an attractive employer?
– The company has clear visions and ambitions - which i think is really good. I also think that the company takes time on each individual - and does a lot to make employers feel happy and appreciated with social activities, goal celebrations etc., There are continuously good training programs to develop skills and to gain tools related to your daily work. The product and solutions the company provides are concrete, transparent and in-demand.

What does Passion mean to you?
Passion for me means "why you do what you do". For me it is to help professionals to find professional training that allow them to stay relevant in an ever-changing and competitive environment. At the same time, I love helping my clients succeed in recruiting participants and increasing their enrollment on their courses.

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