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How did you land your job at EMG?
– I did a 5 month internship and then got the opportunity to get hired as a full-time employee at EMG. Many of my fellow colleagues in Finland were hired in a similar way and I think it is a great way to get to know the company and for them to see your potential.

What surprised you the most when you started working here?
I was surprised by the warm welcome and felt directly included in the team. I also noticed that despite working together towards a joint goal the work atmosphere was relaxed and prestigeless.

Describe a day at work!
It’s quite simple: I come to work, drink my morning coffee and start doing the tasks on my three to-do lists (I know, I’m pretty neurotic with lists). My basic day includes producing digital content to Studentum.fi and staying in touch with the customers. I also produce different kind of marketing material for the customers and the company itself. Besides this, there are plenty of other things to do as well and every day is different.

What is the most fun part of your job?
Most definitely my colleagues! Working in a small team it is even more crucial that everybody is able to work together and gets along well.

In your eyes, what makes EMG an attractive employer?
EMG is a big company but the atmosphere is still very open. If I need support in any matter, I am certain there is always someone who could help me, even outside my team. The international atmosphere of the company also adds its own positive flavour to the mix!

Whats the office culture like?
Our office in Finland is small and intimate and everybody knows each other well. This gives everyone the opportunity to make their voice heard and contribute with new thoughts and ideas! It actually feels like you can affect how things are done which is really important for me. When we visit the Stockholm office we always get a warm welcome even though we have not met all of them.

What types of people find success at EMG?
People who can cooperate well with others and people who you can trust that they will contribute to achieving the common goals in the team.

Are there any misconceptions about EMG?
Working at an external office it can be seen as a challenge to get a proper view of what is going on in the the whole company. Actually, I think the company is good at giving updates through monthly online meetings, a common chat channel and of course EMG academy and fun Christmas/summer parties!

What does Professional mean to you?
For me it means that you are able to work very efficiently and with a high quality, and at the same time be able to keep that “customer-first” mindset.


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