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Frida Björkman

HR Business Partner – Administration

How did you land your job at EMG?
– I started working here during the summer of 2016 when I was ready for a new challenge. I was looking for a role where I could grow within an HR department and where I had the opportunity to think creatively and outside-the-box. I was also looking for an international company where I would be inspired by the company's vision. After my first interview with EMG, I fell in love with the company and I really wanted to be a part of helping everyone in the world find their education. For me, it was more a question of “when” I could start, rather than “if” I would start.

Describe a day at work!
– My days are very different from each other, the schedule you have at the beginning of the day is usually not the actual outcome which I appreciate. As a Recruitment Manager I am in charge of the entire recruitment process in the company, both in Sweden and in our local offices. I'm usually coordinating and supporting all the managers in the recruitment process and helping them with each step when needed. It could be creating an ad, conducting an interview or planning a recruitment event in our office. I also work very closely with external partners when it comes to recruitment, like schools and recruitment agencies.

You are the recruitment manager at EMG - what kind of competences or educational backgrounds are you mostly looking for?
– That depends entirely on the position. Of course, we sometimes recruit more senior or technical services where relevant education and experience weigh heavily, but I would mainly say that we recruit based on soft skills and values. I look a lot at the drive, attitude and desire to perform.

In addition, we work extensively with internal education, such as Sales Academy or Communications Academy, which means that applicants do not have to be complete when they start, we'd like them to grow in the company.

If I would get the job, how would my first weeks look like?
– Your first weeks at EMG will of course be filled with absorbing new information. Being new at work is not always easy and we try not to push in too much during the first week. We have a new onboarding program that lasts about a month and includes an introductory day that we have for all new employees as well as interns in the organisation. New employees get the opportunity to integrate more with other new employees, including those visiting from international offices. They also get an overview of the organisation and how we work. This day is usually appreciated as it makes it a little easier to understand how everything we do is connected.

How would you describe the atmosphere at EMG?
– The atmosphere in our offices is really the best part of working at EMG! It's really fun working here. We are not a quiet, grey organization. Our company has a culture of laughing and thinking creatively every day. Something that is unique is the international environment at EMG. We use English as the company language and everyone hangs out with everyone, regardless of the background they have.

What excites you about working at EMG?
– What I appreciate most with EMG is probably the feeling of going to work and not knowing what will happen. Because we are a flat organization, quick decisions take place and I think that makes your days exciting. It is important to be attentive, flexible and to be able to adapt. We also encourage new ideas and if you want to run a project on your own, that’s not a problem. Something else that excites me about EMG is all of the colleagues and friends who you get to spend time with in the workplace daily. People are constantly inspired and motivated by and it is an important feature of why people want to work at EMG.

What does Performance mean to you?
Performance for me is to do your best. I'm usually the one who love to see results in a weekly/monthly basis and I'm not the one who give up. I want to leave the office every week knowing that I did all I could to reach my goals.

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