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The magicians that make it all possible

The tech team works as an in-house tech department whose responsibility is to assist the rest of the company by providing a technical platform and technical solutions that support the business and their workflow. We do that by making sure that the public platform is healthy, available, and constantly growing and developing. We also develop many of our internal systems and tools such as the CRM and CMS to ensure that the other departments have the right tools and prerequisites to do their jobs.

Today, our team consists of designers, full-stack developers, and those responsible for our IT infrastructure. We work to create good conditions for effective problem-solving and decision-making and adapt with agility to both client requirements and internal needs.

Last but not least, we see programming as halfway between art and science; we love the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis and the luxury of being able to work with the latest technologies.

Workplace & Culture

Our workplace culture is characterised by people who are passionate about what they do, people who are high achievers who strive to perform in a professional manner.

At EMG we expand each individual's capability to give everyone a chance of being the best that they can be.Together we are creating an environment that encourages creativity and new paths to success.

Our workforce consists of talented employees of 20 different nationalities and we are proud to say that we no longer feel ‘’international’’ - it has become an integral part of who we are!


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