Sarah Zoglauer



The co-worker of the month in February is Sarah Zoglauer! She is one of our stars working for in Germany as an Account Manager! 

Here is the nomination:

"Sarah embodies the role of a NewBiz Specialist like a true business developer for already two years now. She does what is good for the site, we can totally rely: she’d never give anything away for free or discounts if not really necessary. Our whole service gets so much appreciation through the way she sells it: everybody listening to her calls get’s inspired by her own passion for our team’s baby - she treats it as if it was her own. On Feb. 28th at 10pm she brought the team over the GOAL line and today, she is just a few € away from her Q1 GOAL."

Short interview with Sarah!

What are you working with today?
My mission is to find new, exciting partners for the German site Of course we have a lot of great partners already, but our visitor numbers are increasing year by year. This shows me that our service is very important for our users, and appreciated. I want to give them something in return for using our services and my answer is: more diversity! Besides, the EMG-motto: “To help everyone in the world find the right education” is not fulfilled, until our users really can compare all training providers in the German-speaking area on

Why do you think you became the employee of the month?
Maybe because I am never wholly satisfied with my results – every day I want to be better than yesterday. My team is also very important to me, and I would say this award actually belongs to the whole team. Our many different types of characters and our diversity empower us to great teamwork and results. I also think it’s fun to motivate my team in the best way I can 😊

The Employee of the month are given an amount to give away to charity. Who will you donate your money to?
I will donate it to „Kinderhospitz Sterntaler“, who help and support critically ill children and their families in the best ways they can.

Do you have any happy upcoming plans for the fall? :)  
Yes, this year I’m going to focus on working with training providers that are in high demand with our users right now. I’m taking on my mission one step at a time, and this will be the next one. I will also spend 2 months in our Stockholm office to get more inspiration from the other teams – really looking forward to this!


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