Mathias Flink

This November, our Co-worker of the month is our star from Mathias Flink, Digital Marketing Specialist. Here is the nomination:

With his eyes set on goals, and satisfied clients; he eagerly throws himself over every assignment, high or low. Constantly delievering far beyond expected results and well within deadlines. He swiftly made his way from a hardworking intern to an integral part of the team!

Passionate - handling even the hardest tasks with a smile!

Performance - like a hacker he finds a way around every obstacle!

Professionalism - he is always striving to improve both our sites and himself.

As Swedes long for summer. As EMG needs Google. As much as Mattias Säker loves kannelbullar (cinnamon buns). As much as dishes belong in the sink, we need Mathias Flink!

Short interview with Mathias!

What are you working with today
Today is my “Creative Wednesday” and it’s the day of the week where I shut myself off from the weekly work and focus wholly on updating myself – researching new trends and technologies, testing new things and developing new strategies.

Why do you think you became the employee of the month?
I always strive to give every task, big and small, my best shot and I’m not easily satisfied unless I’ve given it all I can. It is also in large part because of my manager Madeleine, she is very supportive and always looks out for all of the members of her team.

The Employee of the month are given an amount to give away to charity. Who will you donate your money to
Someone in the company started up a fundraiser for this year’s Musikhjälpen, so that seemed like a good choice.

Do you have any happy upcoming plans for the fall? :)  
The next big thing on the agenda is to set up a common strategy for paid marketing that can easily be shared, implemented and managed by all our different teams at EMG.

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