Camila Moreira


The winner of "Co-Worker of the month" in November is Camila Moreira. She is not only an excellent Buisness Development Manager for our site, she is also a fantastic co-worker!

"This person is fairly new to the EMG family, starting as an intern and then launching into sales and a new market sector for her team with amazing passion and professionalism. Bringing on lots of performance based contracts for the good of the site and recently scoring a test campaign for almost 200,000 kr which is one of the biggest new business deals the site has ever seen.

Strong showing on all 3 core values with more to come for sure"

Short interview with Camila

What are you working with today?
This is going to be a busy week with lots of meetings with new potential clients for our site. I am currently working on increasing our Language Course category as well as Summer and Foundation programs. I like to be able to connect with language schools and universities from different countries and love when my agenda is full of booked meetings for new pitches and demos!

Why do you think you became the employee of the month?
I guess being a fast learner and having experience in the education industry helped me to adapt quickly to my role. I am also a very easy going person and like to have a good relationship with everyone in the team. Our team is very collaborative and this certainly has helped me to keep motivated and improve my performance so far.

The Employee of the month are given an amount to give away to charity. Who will you donate your money to?
I will donate to RefuSHE, an organization that helps refugee girls and women ensuring they have education and the skills they need to succeed. Since I started studying Swedish for Immigrants I met many refugees and I see how they struggle to adapt to a new country, language and culture, specially women who did not have education in their home countries. I’m glad to have this opportunity to help with investment in education.

Did you do anything special this fall? :) 
I went to a typical Swedish stuga for a weekend with my friends and it was the perfect fall gateway. The cabin had sauna and fireplace, it was super cozy! It was also next to the water and we got to do a morning walk in the forest which was beautiful. Coming from Brazil, I love to spend time in the nature while it is still not too cold for me!


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